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• A Democrat for Small Government: Adam is an advocate for local government control. He wants to end the attacks on small government by legislators backed by special interest groups. Many of our current State Representatives have been pushing for a concentration of power in Tallahassee, even though it is their job to speak up for the people they represent. The concept of Home Rule, or the ability for small, local governments to govern themselves, is an issue near and dear to Adam. Let's bring power back to the people!

• A Small Business Proponent: As a small business owner himself, Adam understand how taxes and other regulations affect small business owners. He believes that when tax cuts are available, small business should be the ones receiving them - not corporations that do not return the investment to the local economy. Adam will advocate for small businesses in any way possible.

• Clean Water Funds Our Economy: Florida's natural environment is something that we all appreciate. Not only is it something that we can enjoy for our own recreation, but Florida's beautiful environment is also what funds our economy. Florida's economy is reliant on tourism, and without clean water, people would not continue to come back to Florida every year. Adam has spent much of his life cleaning up Florida's waterways with a hands-on approach that is unique to politics.

• Caring for Our Elders: Florida is full of retirees, as well as natives, that often live on a fixed income as they get older. Adam wants to do whatever he can to make it possible for seniors to stay in their homes instead of moving to more expensive assisted-living facilities.

• State Energy Policy: Living in the Sunshine State, it makes no sense that our residents cannot easily afford renewable energy systems - especially solar. Adam would like to see more competition in our energy markets that would lead to a lower cost for our consumers.

• Marijuana Legalization: Though an overwhelming number of Floridians voted for the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the 2016 election, little has been done to make this a reality throughout the state. Taxing and regulating marijuana would be a great boost for our state economy, and a way to stop wasting resources that are spent on enforcement and imprisonment of marijuana users.

A Note From Adam

Born and raised in southern St Johns and Flagler Counties, I am as much a part of the community as you are. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, environmental educator, and your neighbor, I am uniquely qualified to lead our district and communicate your voice at the state capitol.

As a citizen, a husband and a father, I am morally obligated to help protect our communities for future generations. I want to make sure meaningful opportunities are plentiful and diverse in our state without compromising the foundation we were built on.

If you have questions about my platform or would like to discuss your ideas about our local government, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can email me at capt_morley@yahoo.com, or call any time at 904.540.7245.

In The Press

Watch a news report on one of Adam's many passions: the Litter Gitter, a boat that Adam started to collect garbage from local waterways that now belongs to the North Florida Coastal Caretakers.

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Read about Adam's professional life, his business and his connection to the fishing industry.

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Here's everything you need to know about voting!

General Election: November 6th, 2018
You can determine which county you reside in and your designated Supervisor of Elections office by visiting Florida Division of Elections below and searching by county:

• Visit Florida Division of Elections
• View the District 24 map

Register to Vote
Early voting is October 27th through November 3rd. The General Election is November 6th. Check with your county for specific details. If you are a resident of Flagler, St. Johns or Volusia County, and reside within House district 24, you can register to vote through your designated Supervisor of Elections office by clicking on your county below:

• Flagler County
• St. Johns County
• Volusia County

Direct Connect to Adam!

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for here on the website, please call me directly at 904-540-7245 or email me at Adam@votemorley.com

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